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Social media is not about cats taking selfies - social media these days is serious business. Google monitor all the major social media sites looking for mentions of your business. If you do not register a social media score it will negatively impact both your organic ranking and the chances of you appearing in the Local Business box.

This is because Google will assume you are not working your business properly so will look for a better business to send the visitor to.

Google help those who help themselves.

Your score has 2 components:

  1. Posts you make yourself - Google view your own posts as though you were talking about yourself in a conversation - it matters but is not amazing SEO. Cadence is important here - regular posts, comments, ratings, stars etc A popular business will find your customers will take care of this for you, however asking works even better.
  2. Secondary posts and shares. If someone comments or re-shares a post you have made this will count much more than a post you make yourself. Likewise if they post to you. This is where our SEO is useful, we use our profiles to mention your business, which Google sees and counts towards your SEO score.

While we can run a social media campaign for you, it is better to pick one medium and run that for yourself. We can then share that post across other social media outlets for maximum impact.

Advanced Management

Should social media be a cornerstone in your industry we have the tool to help. We maintain several social media suites to manage higher end campaigns.


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