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Did you know you can know embed your entire website on your Facebook page? 

If your business has a strong Facebook presence then you can use our service to embed your website right on your Facebook page. Then you can sell products, tickets or do what you do without the person even leaving their favoured Facebook hang out.

Check it out here

The traffic registers as being on your website, so Google analytics for instance will still record the interaction, so there is no SEO downside.

Your website will need to have certain characteristics, including responsive design so that it can resize on different devices.

 While you can embed an entire site, as we have done here for demonstration purposes, you may find it more effective to create an entirely new site with stripped down content designed to achieve a single purpose - sell a specific product, promote a specific event with ticket sales - you really have so many options when you think about the possibilities.

Remember also our services include other Facebook tricks like signing in to your account with Facebook and importing Facebook posts from any public page right into your site as an article.

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The Google Sandbox was an idea Google used through to 2004 then discontinued. It was brought back with the Panda 2.1 update in mid May, 2014. Put simply any NEW website, or any major change to an existing website is delayed for a period of time. This delay is referred to as "being in the sandbox".

Remember Google index pages of websites against keywords appearing on the page. So the length of the sandbox depends on the keyword(s) the page targets.




Search until now has been ”one-to-many”. This means search companies have maintained a list of websites (the one) and then a second list of all the pages or articles in that website (the many). Both the list of websites and the list of articles are indexed by keywords (page topics). When you enter a keyword into a search engine, they show you either an article or a website that they think best matches that keyword.

Now this is all changing and the first question to ask is …WHY?


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